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How to Flash Eversolo DAC-Z6/Z8

This tutorial is applicable to the Eversolo DAC-Z8/Z6.

I. Preparations

1. One DAC-Z8/Z6.

2. A USB flash drive formatted in FAT32.

3. A fine needle (to press and hold the restore button).

Friendly reminder: Regarding flashing, it is recommended to use a USB flash drive from a reputable manufacturer. Please avoid using a card reader + TF card combination!

II. Downloading the firmware for flashing

1. Please download the firmware package for flashing from the official website link.

Friendly reminder: The OTA upgrade package released by the official source can also be used as a flashing file.



Download link


Download link


2. Use a computer to rename the downloaded firmware file to "EVERSOLODAC.PKG.

3. Then copy the firmware file to the root directory of the USB drive (i.e., open the USB drive's main directory).

III. Start flashing

1. [See the image below] Connect the USB flash drivecontaining the firmware files to the USB 3.0 port located at the rear of the decoder.

2. Keep the DAC decoder in power-off mode, press and hold the restore button located at the rear end using the prepared fine  needle, and then power it on.

3. When the device is powered on, the Eversolo logo will be displayed.  Then wait for 5 seconds before releasing the restore button. The decoder will enter the flash mode, and the front screen will display the following information. Please wait patiently.

Friendly reminder: Do not disconnect the power when the DAC decoder is in flash mode!!!

IV. Flashing Completed.

When the front screen displays the main interface, it indicates that the flashing process is complete.