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How to Connect Eversolo Streamers with an external USB DAC

This guide applies to DMP-A8, DMP-A6, here we use A6 as an example.

I. Preparations

1. An Eversolo DMP-A6

2. An external USB DAC

The tutorial uses Eversolo DAC-Z8 as an example.

3. A USB A-B audio cable(included in standard accessory)



II. Connecting and Using DMP-A6 with a USB external USB DAC

1. Use a USB A-B square port audio cable, insert it into the USB AUDIO port of DMP-A6, and connect it to the USB-B port of the DAC-Z8.


DAC Z8 USB-B port

2. Tap the knob on the DAC-Z8 to enter the settings menu. Navigate to " Source in" and select "USB-B" as the input source. Once you've made this selection, the settings will be complete.


Friendly reminder:

1. The RCA or XLR interface on the back of the DAC needs to be connected with the combination of amplifier and speaker or HiFi active speakers!!!

2. When connecting a DAC from another brand, you also need to switch the input source to USB-B / USB-C port.

3On the main screen of DMP-A6, click on Source. Set the input to the internal player and the output port to USB DAC.


Friendly reminder: When the USB is not connected to an external DAC, or the external DAC has not switched the input source to USB DAC port. The USB DAC of DMP-A6 is grayed out and not selectable!

4. Clicking on the gear icon next to the USB DAC output port then it will display the model and supported parameters of the connected DAC external USB DAC.

5. Click on the settings below to configure the USB DAC output parameters. Please set them according to the capabilities of the USB DAC on the backend.

As an example, the tutorial DAC-Z8 supports DSD512 and PCM768@32bit full decoding of MQA via USB input. Therefore, for the DMP-A6 USB DAC output, set the DSD audio to "Native" and configure the backend settings to support both decoding and rendering of MQA.

6. Finally, use the DMP-A6 to play music, and the audio will be directly passed through to the DAC-Z8 for decoding and analog output.