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Eversolo Streamers Factory Reset Tutorial

This tutorial applies to A6 and A8,  here we use A6 as an example.


Restoring to factory settings can revert the system to its default state based on the current software version. When the system or the built-in software encounters abnormal situation, restoring to factory settings can be used as a method to resolve the issue.


Friendly Reminder:

1. Restoring to factory settings will not downgrade the firmware.

2. Restoring to factory settings will erase all data in the system's built-in storage, including system software and installed apps.2.


Operation Guide

 1. Click on Settings from the home screen of DMP-A6.

2. Goto General- Factory reset

3. Click on the  "Factory reset" menu to restore to factory settings. Then a menu will pop up, click "OK" to confirm.

4. Finally, wait for the DMP-A6 to perform the factory reset and restart.

Friendly reminder: Please do not power off the device during the factory reset process!!!