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Eversolo Screen and Knob Brightness Adjustment and Screensaver Settings Tutorial

This tutorial applies to A6 and A8.

1. Screen Brightness Adjustment

1.1 Access  the main interface of the DMP-A6, go to Settings > Display > Screen brightness.

1.2 Adjust the brightness slider to set the brightness of the front screen.

2. Knob Brightness Adjustment

2.1 Click onKnob brightness from the display menu.

2.2 Completely extinguish when shutting down: When this option is enabled, the knob LED ring on the DMP-A6 will turn off completely after the device is powered down.


Knob brightness: Adjusts the brightness of the knob LED ring in the DMP-A6's powered-on state. When set to the lowest level, the knob LED will turn off completely.

3. Screensaver

3.1 Click on Screensaverfrom display menu, then you can set Screensaver automatic wake-up function.

3.2 The default setting is 2 hours, and there are also options for 5, 15, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.

4. Screensaver Mode

4.1 Click on Screensaver mode”, then you can choose the display mode when activating the screensaver.

4.2 The device provides four modes. Please choose accordingly based on your needs