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DMP-A6 Source Menu Introduction

As a streamer, the DMP-A6 comes with a rich variety of input and output ports. When used as a digital turntable, its outputs include HDMI, USB, optical and coaxial ports, making it compatible with various high-end decoders. As a DAC, it supports a wide range of digital inputs: coaxial, optical, Type-C inputs for connecting PCs and mobile devices, and even supports APTX HD Bluetooth audio input, allowing easy integration with various digital audio sources. The device's analog pre-amp outputs offer high-fidelity RCA and XLR outputs, enabling direct connection to active speakers or pure power amplifier systems, providing you with flexible equipment combinations and various high-quality music listening options.


Now, please follow the instructions below to explore the DMP-A6 input and output menu.


Source menu

Click on Sourceon the main screen of DMP-A6. In the Source menu, the upper row is for input port options, and the lower row is for output port options.

Internal player

Use the built-in DMP-A6 player to play music. This mode supports output through XLR, RCA, HDMI, optical/coaxial, and USB DAC ports.

Click on the corresponding output port gear icon to view the current output parameters.

XLR/RCA output

HDMI output: This port connects to a multi-channel AV amplifier and supports DSD64 Native multi-channel/PCM192KHz multi-channel source code output (up to 5.1 channels).

DMP-A6 will read the EDID of the backend decoding device and display the supported formats of the decoding device.

Optical/Coaxial Output (SPDIF port)

USB DAC outputTo enable this option, A6 needs to be connected to a recognized external USB DAC. The output will adapt based on the capabilities of the external DAC decoder, supporting a maximum of DSD512 and PCM768KHz at 32-bit.

Bluetooth In

Bluetooth connection is available for Android and iOS devices. This mode supports only balanced XLR and RCA outputs. By clicking on the corresponding output port gear icon, you can view the current maximum output parameters for that port.

For example, when DMP-A6 is set to this mode, after pairing your phone's Bluetooth with the device, you can play songs that will be transmitted to DMP-A6 via Bluetooth.


This port can connect to PC, Android, and iOS devices. This mode only supports balanced XLR and RCA outputs. Click on the corresponding output port gear icon to view the current output parameters for this port.

Optical/Coaxial Input

The digital dial device with optical/coaxial interfaces can be connected to this port. In this mode, only balanced and RCA outputs are supported. Click on the corresponding output port gear icon to view the current mode's highest output parameters for that port.