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zidoo gpl USB Audio Driver 2021-08-30 11:08:13
Remarks:此驱动Windows 10 /11电脑系统,支持ASIO和WASPI 设备,支持机型:DPM-A6 & DAC-Z8 /Z6;The driver is applicable for Windows 10/11, supports ASIO and WASAPI devices. Download for DPM-A6 & DAC-Z8/Z6;   
Update Time:2023-05-15 11:05:14  
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Remarks:此驱动Windows 11/10/7 电脑系统,支持ASIO和WASPI 设备,支持机型:Eversolo H2;The driver is applicable for Windows 1/10/7 , supports ASIO and WASAPI devices. Download for Eversolo H2  
Update Time:2022-12-07 16:12:03  
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zidoo gpl Eversolo Controller 2022-07-08 11:07:17
This application is installed on Android mobile phones or tablets to control everolo audio devices。   
Update Time:2022-07-08 11:07:30  
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Remarks:此应用安装在iOS 9.0 或更高版本Phone/iPad设备,用来控制Eversolo音频设备;The app is installed on IOS 9.0 or later phone/ipad devices to control everolo audio devices.   
Update Time:2022-07-08 11:07:21  
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